Today, OGITA HEMD, LTD. has taken “run towards the next generation” as our corporate philosophy.

It is important to improve our designs and skills, but moreover, we have to change our way of thinking so that we can come up with fresh, valuable ideas and be beneficial for society.

We want to provide products which touches people’s heart and are filled with excitement to our customers and our business partners, with appreciation.

President Nobuyuki Mori


Unite to Make a Good Company

● We respect each employee’s personality.

We believe that if we can’t get excited at the ideas we come up with, those ideas won’t have much value.

● We always look things from the consumer’s standpoint.

We think of what they really need, what they are really interested in, and what they think are fun.

● We provide quality, price, and service in good valance.

We propose not only products, we will also propose a good way to set up the sales floor and a good way to sell the products.

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